Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Women Mentoring Women

I want to share this exurb from our Simple Woman's homepage:

This book, "Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor" by Donna Otto needs hardly a review...I chose rather to share a brief snippet that shares about the book in a wonderful nutshell.

"Only a few generations ago, lessons were taught in that classroom as women worked together cooking, canning, sewing, and raising children, Today we women are far removed from doing chores together. Instead we press a button to open our garage door when we leave and close it right behind us when we return. We fill our days with what some of them undoubtedly are just that. But we're often too busy for people and for relationships characterized by intimacy and accountability. We lead fragmented lives, isolated from one another and often estranged from ourselves.

It used to be that when a baby was born, grandmother, aunts, sisters, and neighbors all showed up to help the new mother learn to care for the baby. Women influenced one another in every area of their lives. They provided help when it was needed, hope when it was needed. In today's more mobile society, young women no longer have the support of neighbors or an extended family.

The busyness of our culture keeps us from passing on spiritual principles and truths as well as day-to-day lessons. Spiritual and moral values are virtually absent throughout our culture. The wealth of spiritual knowledge and down-to-earth wisdom to be learned from women who have walked through the experiences of life is being lost at a time when, more than ever, young women need someone to come alongside them."

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